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wall |wɔːl|


  1. a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land.
  2. an upright side of a building or room
  3. any high vertical surface, especially one that is imposing in scale: the eastern
  4. (the Wall) short for Berlin Wall. he was on location in Germany while the Wall was tumbling down.

Digital Wallpaper

Cover your wall in absolutely any image you want. Our custom printed wallpaper is durable, fully washable and designed to compliment your space with a selection of textured finishes, superb print quality and perfect installation.

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Magnetic Wallpaper

Our team made the first move when it came to making walls magnetic in a cost effective way. With magnetic, your wall goes from being something that enhances your space to an interactive, usable surface.

This product is combined with your custom digital wallpaper and you have an entirely new dimension to your work or living space. Magnets can be applied to almost any type of accessory. We have completed this wonderful product with wooden ‘scrabble’ tiles, corporate logo magnetic pins, giant magnetic post-it notes and speech bubbles to mention a few.

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Writable Wonderwall

Welcome to our world of re-writable. A revolutionary solution to maximizing usability of your surfaces.

Wonderwall is a truly dynamic product that turns your wall into a fully functional and interactive, whiteboard surface allowing you to write and erase with absolutely no residue or ‘ghosting’ whatsoever.  Wonderwall can also be magnetic allowing you to use accessories directly onto the flat uniform surface that is far superior to the paint alternative.

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Canvases & frames

Canvases: Fully customized, printed onto artist’s canvas, and then stretched over a wooden frame. This a superb method of giving an image depth and volume.

Fabric Frames: This is a popular product for display.  High quality materials that are inter-changeable.  It is easily transported and very cost effective.

Framing:  Our framing service is the very best in choice and quality when framing valuable artworks, pieces or documents.  We offer box frames, mounting, acrylic or glass.

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3D Wall Installations

This is a commissioned service starting with a design concept.  Using structured elements and other perspective features, the result is an original and innovative artwork, installed directly onto your wall.

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