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Wallpaper has always been trendy! In fact, there is always a trend around wallcoverings.  It’s likened to fabric which has similar trends to fashion or home décor.  

Current wallpaper trends

A current wallpaper trend is geometric designs that go back to the days of Art Deco.  The classic pinstripe is also making a comeback but this is expected with classics. 

Observing the less subtle trends, we see mute/misty coloured jungle scenes with stylized wildlife emphasising colour and texture.  

Oversized botanicals are also trending at the moment with soft edges on a bold black background.

Oversized Floral on Black

Custom wallpaper

Custom wallpaper with photo imagery has been around for over a decade and is a very popular since high resolution printing gets better and better with technology.

At Resurface we have our own image bank from which one can choose, but often, a client will want to use their own photo.  The requirements are a 300dpi image which is achievable with most smartphones on the right setting.

It’s all about texture

When it comes to choosing a substrate to print on, it’s all about texture.  The texture emboss needs to compliment the printed image without detracting from it.  The most popular is a ‘linen’ texture but it really depends on the image.  It’s not always an embossed texture either, a metallic substrate gives a lustre that is not achievable using other substrates.  Wallpaper has also made an entrance into the functional arena. Boasting magnetic and write and wipe features that lend itself to usability and interactability.  Not mention hard-wearing wallpapers for high traffic areas as well as acoustic wallpaper for sound dampening.

Wallpaper for kids rooms

As mentioned before, magnetic and re-writable qualities lend themselves very well to making things interesting for our younger clients.  This combined with map designs, stylized wildlife scenes or boardgames makes for some hard-time-choosing!  Designs for kids need to be considered carefully as a ‘castles and fairies’ design for your 9 year old is probably going to be redundant in 2-3 years so we always advise our clients to choose a design that has longevity whilst still remaining youthful and exciting.

Is wallpaper cost-effective?

Absolutely!  It is entirely cost effective in that you aren’t re-covering the entire room, just one wall.  It is quicker to install than paint, better wearing than paint and less messy.

Wall decals vs wallpaper?

Although wall decals are a popular trend at the moment, they do not have the longevity of wallpaper.  In homes, vinyl decals on windows is a solution that solves issues of privacy whilst still allowing light in.  In offices, it is much the same but obviously, branding can be incorporated to give the decal more impact.