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This brilliantly quirky product falls under our re-writable range of wallcoverings and joins the popular new trend of adult colour-in books.  The designs used to colour in are fully customizable so any design or colour-in template that can be imagined is possible, bringing out the artist in all of us, young and the not-so-young

Whiteboard, chalkboard or any felt tipped pen can be used and wiped away again and again.  For a more lasting creation, feel free to use permanent markers as it only takes a cloth and some dish-washing liquid to make it as good as new.  Of course, this is a product the kids will generally go nuts for but don’t stop there,  it can also made into giant games such as word search or soduku for offices and pause areas.  What is more, we can make this product magnetic so magnetic shapes and toys can add to the creative fun.

Also available as re-writable plain white, magnetic and matte projection wallpaper.

color in wall

re-writable colour-in wallpaper is great for kids


fun and educational drawing wallpaper

kids activity that looks great, customisable to any design or theme



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