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What is window vinyl or film?

Window vinyl or window film is a PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) blended with additives to make it mouldable to the glass or window surface.  It is applied to the glass using a number of different methods, the most common of which is with adhesive which is combined with water during application to allow for a perfect installation, using a rubber edged tool called a squeegie.  Some thinner films can be applied using static that provides a reliable adhesion to the glass.

All of the old treatments for glass such as sandblasting, fluting, staining, blending, etching and moulding are achievable using decorative vinyl film achieving excellent results.  Moreover, advanced printing technology has opened the world of graphic design to glass via film which allows for even more possibilities. Read on to find out what these are!

Why do we use decorative or branded window vinyl?

  • To convey an advertising message or to activate a brand.
  • Privacy is one of the main reasons why this product is applied to internal glass, especially in the office/working environment.  
  • Window vinyl can also be a great way to block out unsightly scenery or distracting views.
  • Due to ease of installation and removal, window vinyl is a great tool for temporary launches, sales, exhibitions and promotions.
  • Bearing in mind that glass is the ultimate write-and-wipe surface, applying a white backed or even a white frosted vinyl to one side renders the other side into the perfect whiteboard.  Great for brain-storming, strategy and innovation meetings.
  • It is actually a legal requirement to have all full height glass in windows, doors and partitions to have a marked ‘site line’ to prevent folk from walking into the glass by mistake.  True story, it really happens!
  • UV damage through windows is a very real problem and can be avoided by applying a UV safety film to the window.  This protects all the interior fixtures and fitting against UV damage whilst also assisting in keeping the interior cool on hot days.  The applied film also prevents glass from shattering in the event of an accident.
  • One can use window vinyl to demarcate spaces and areas in the workplace and is a cost effective alternative to directional signage.

Technology has enabled a plethora of really exciting, inspirational and beautiful designs and innovation in this industry is ongoing.  Windows and glass panels have become more than just transparent barriers – they have become platforms for expression allowing us to see our world through rose tinted glass!

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